Offering baby sleep consultation to families of infants & young children in the greater Boston area

Here at Northeast Moms & Babies we strongly believe in responding to babies needs day or night but also know that poor sleep is detrimental to the mom’s and and baby’s health and well-being. Our baby sleep consultations are compassionate, helping you right where you and baby are at.

We can help you improve your baby’s sleep with gentle techniques that don’t always involve leaving your baby alone to cry. As nurse practitioners we have extensive knowledge of infant growth and development and how they impact sleep. Many training techniques to help your baby sleep through the night are harsh and don’t take into account normal infant development or the parent’s comfort level in letting their baby cry. We’ll help you start early, either getting sleep off to a good start or things back on track, and also trouble shoot sleep problems as your baby grows. It’s never too early or too late to help your baby sleep.

Baby Sleep consultations are most often done as phone or email consults but in special situations can also involve a home visit. Consults consist of a comprehensive history and evaluation of your baby followed by a personalized sleep plan. Follow-up support is offered based on the chosen package and ranges from one support email to unlimited email support for one month. Please contact us for available options.

Here at Northeast Moms & Babies our parenting support and newborn care also involves a commitment to infant sleep safety. Although the rates of sudden Infant death syndrome (SIDS) have been reduced since the Back-to-Sleep campaign of the 1990s, research shows that many parents and caregivers are still unaware of safe infant sleep guidelines. We’re always available to help new parents set up a safe sleep environment for their baby, and if desired, our sleep consults will include safe infant sleep teaching.

We are your greater Boston area baby sleep consultants. Let us support you in getting your newborn on the right sleep track. Schedule an appointment below, your whole family will benefit!

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