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Newborn Care Services & Lactation Consultants in Greater Boston Area

Northeast Moms & Babies was founded by two nurse practitioners and certified lactation consultants with a passion to fill a void in the newborn care and support for breastfeeding families so that the goals for your baby are met from the outset.

Through both personal experience and working with our patients, we’ve found that lactation consultation for breastfeeding mothers is critical to a mother’s and child’s success once the baby is home. We’ll teach you the basics before your baby arrives, or since support following hospital discharge is often lacking, will come in after. Either way we’re here to help your baby thrive by providing the particular type of support your family needs.

The post-birth season is both wonderful and challenging, a time not quickly forgotten by those reflecting back on it. First-time mothers are particularly vulnerable, but they aren’t the only ones requiring support. Multiple questions may surface for those having their first baby, or ones having their fifth.

Our lactation consultation services include breastfeeding education before your baby’s birth or trouble shooting after. Sore nipples, low milk supply and latching difficulties are some common issues we address. Return-to-work questions concerning breastfeeding may also surface, as may creating an effective feeding schedule and tracking appropriate weight and growth throughout the first critical weeks and months of your baby’s development.

Sleep is critical during these first days yet sometimes hard to manage! We’re here to help. We offer infant sleep consultation which will assist you in developing a good schedule for the sake of your own health and rest and that of your baby.

Since safety is also at the forefront of most families’ minds, we also offer Infant CPR and first-aid classes. If the class itself isn’t an option we’ll be happy to answer your questions regarding these matters as they arise.

The greatest chance of success for you and your family during this season requires a combination of knowledge and compassion. Northeast Moms & Babies can provide both – right within in the comfort of your own home. From prenatal classes to the wide variety of post-birth questions, we’re here for you!

Lactation Services

While breastfeeding has many benefits for mom and baby alike, it isn’t always easy. We offer you non-judgmental, compassionate support in the comfort of your own home. Let us come in before you have the baby to provide training or after to provide support and troubleshooting. We will set you at ease with any concerns – pain, milk supply questions, pumping, weaning, etcetera in order to ensure your and your baby’s success.

Infant Sleep Consultations

Here at Northeast Moms & Babies we strongly believe in responding to babies needs day or night but know that poor sleep is detrimental to mom, family and baby’s well-being. We can help you improve your baby’s sleep with gentle techniques that do not always involve leaving your baby alone to cry. Whether in your home or as an email consult, we are there for you! We’ll also train you in issues of infant sleep safety.

Prenatal Classes

Lots of parents feel unprepared to bring home a new baby. You are not alone. Our prenatal classes empower, guide and educate parents so that they feel more relaxed and prepared for this new role. Whether it be basic newborn care, breastfeeding or both let us come and help you take the necessary steps to prepare foFr the birth of your baby.

Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes

The final weeks and months of pregnancy can be nerve wracking to say the least. Here at Northeast Moms and Babies we are not only nurse practitioners but mothers as well and so we we’ve been there and we get it. We can come to your home to teach you the basics of breastfeeding before your baby arrives.

Prenatal Newborn Care Classes

In this teaching session we will go over what to expect in the early days of caring for a newborn. Some popular topics are: soothing, swaddling, bathing, cord care, circumcision care, when to call your baby’s doctor, normal sleep patterns and normal bowel and bladder patterns. We will answer all your questions and help you set up a safe environment for your baby. The prenatal lactation teaching and prenatal newborn teaching sessions can be combined in one visit for a discounted price.

Newborn Consultations

The first few days of being a new parent are spent in a supportive hospital environment with many hands caring for both mom and baby. When new families arrive home without any support things can feel like they are falling apart. Let our experienced nurse practitioners come to you in those first uncertain days at home and answer all your questions. A little reassurance goes a long way.