Woman with little girl travelling by plane

Traveling with your little one can be a little daunting, and let’s face it, sometimes more work than play, but with a some extra planning and flexibility is totally doable. You don’t have to give up your love of travel once baby comes along and there is so much joy in showing your baby the world. Follow these tips and tricks to help make travel a little bit easier!

  1. It’s best to wait until your baby’s immune system is better developed, usually 3-6 months, before flying if you can.  If traveling by car, plan for pit stops along the way every 2 hours or so for feeding, changing and getting baby out of the car seat.
  2. When flying ask at check in if there are any empty seats and ask to be seated next to one. This is especially helpful if you haven’t bought an extra seat for your baby and plan to have them in your lap.
  3. Wear your baby. It is so much easier and faster to get around without a stroller when your baby is small.
  4. Pack light. You don’t need a month’s worth of diapers and wipes in your suitcase and carry on. Pack what you need for the trip and an extra 24 hours but then you can buy more once you are settled at you destination.  Airbnbs are great because most have washers and dryers. Being able to do laundry on vacation cuts down on so much packing!
  5. Breastfeed if you can. This makes feeding your baby on the go so much easier. Wear easy access clothing and pack your nursing cover if you use one. If you plan to bring breastmilk or formula on the plane just declare it at security. It is not subject to the 3oz liquid limit.
  6. Have an extra change of clothes for baby and an extra top for you in your carry on. Baby messes happen.
  7. Dress your baby in layers which allows you to add or take away clothing as needed based on temperature. A cold/hot baby is a crying baby.
  8. If using a car seat it is helpful to use one that attaches to the stroller. This will help you avoid carrying a heavy car seat around on vacation.
  9. Take advantage of priority boarding and gate check ins. Most airlines allow families with young children to board first. It is so helpful to get on and settled before throngs of other people file on board. Also take advantage of gate checking your stroller and car seat. You can bring them all the way to the gate then check them there for free.
  10. Research your destination and know where the local urgent care and emergency room are located. You don’t want to wait until you need a doctor to start searching.

And my number one tip: be flexible. Things happen, babies cry and make messes. Try to go with the flow and realize no flight lasts forever and no crying spell lasts forever. You will get through it and sharing experiences and travel with your baby makes it so worth it!