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What are some breastfeeding issues that you can help me with?

We can help with a variety of breastfeeding issues such as low milk supply, slow weight gain, latch issues, nipple pain, oversupply or forceful letdown, induced lactation, breast refusal, nursing strikes, blocked milk ducts and mastitis. We can also help you plan for returning to work or starting solids.

My baby is getting formula supplements, can you still help me?

Of course! We never judge parents for any feeding decisions and we are not anti-formula. We will help you meet your feeding goals whatever they may be.

How do I get my insurance company to reimburse me for your services?

We will provide you with all the necessary paperwork to send to your insurance company for reimbursement. We always recommend calling the 1-800 number on the back of your insurance card to ask about your specific plan’s lactation coverage. If they tell you it is not covered we recommend asking to speak to a supervisor since some times the person you get on the phone is not aware of lactation coverage.

Do most people get reimbursed for your services?

Yes, most do though some insurance companies and some plans are better at reimbursement than others. If there is a way for them to get out of paying they will certainly try. We are nurse practitioners as well as lactation consultants which makes it more likely to get reimbursed. Massachusetts does not license lactation consultants so we have better luck since we are medical providers.

What do I do if my insurance company does not reimburse me?

Reach out to us and let us know! A lot of times it is a simple coding issue and we can recode the visit and you can resubmit it to the insurance company. Not all companies accept all codes so it can be a little trial and error sometimes. We know it can be frustrating but we really want our patients to get reimbursed so we will certainly help if we can.

I’m currently pregnant. When is a good time to make an appointment?

You can wait until your baby is here if you like. We typically get to our patients within 24-48 hours after they reach out to us. We recommend a visit around day 4 or 5 after delivery for vaginal deliveries and day 6 or 7 for c-section deliveries. Of course we think a visit before your baby arrives is a great idea too! We can help get you feeling confident about initiating breastfeeding after delivery and we can discuss any worries you might have.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all major forms of payment: credit cards, checks, cash as well as FSA/HSA accounts.

How many visits so most women need?

It depends! Some women need only 1 visit to get on the right track, others require several. It depends on the issues you are experiencing. We offer close follow up support for 2 weeks and scheduling a follow up visit is completely up to you! We never push follow up visits when they are not needed.

When is the best time to schedule a prenatal class?

Prenatal breastfeeding and newborn basics classes can be taken anytime before your baby’s birth. Many women like to schedule classes at the end of the 2nd trimester/beginning of the 3rd trimester when they have a little more time and are still feeling well but it is totally up to you!